To Alcohol: The Cause Of, And Solution To, All Of Life's Problems

I want to set the record straight: I thought the cop was a prostitute
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:: Sunday, May 2 ::

"SparkNotes is like that green light of hope in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, but for students, not lovers."

this is one of those quotes on the top of the sparknotes page, and i know what the green light is so i can now be considered cultured because i understand jokes that reference classic literature because i read Great Gatsby. well, actually, no i didnt, i sparknoted it. so i only understand the quote on the cheating website because i used the website to read the book it references. or something. and that reminds me. "And why did lee harvey oswald kill JFK? Because he wanted to steal the jack ruby." and also "Haha, nobody could ever fool homer simpson. ...Uh, but im not him. Im pie man. Now, homer simpson away!!! I mean, pie man!!!!!!"
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:: Wednesday, April 7 ::
Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Just goes to show you if I actually try, I can do good at english. But I don't like trying lots. I knows the rules of english gramer, I just refuse to apply them when I talking or righting. My mission in life is for the human race to revert to the linguistics of the cavemen. In my opinion, they was morer efficient in there pointing and grunting then are complicated language. One could go as far as to describe them as cunning. Better yet, we should just have pointing, grunting, and various mathmatical symbols to communicate to each other. Take that, Caroline.
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:: Thursday, March 4 ::

Countdown to Opening Day

Spring Training: 2004


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:: Saturday, February 28 ::
so i learned something today. files that u think are deleted off the hard drive really dont go anywhere. There still hanging around in the system. And there are a number of programs and techniques u can use to get them back. Unfortuantely, most of these programs are expensice. However, i have spent hours upon hours looking for a freee, simple, and functional program to restore lost system data (anything to get out of writing an english paper). Only problem is, altough things u delete from the hard drive are not automatically catapulted into oblivion, they are sitting there juts waiting to be overwritten by new files. So, parts of the deleted spreads are overwritten by new files, and that cant be recovered. But, my hours of searching have not been in vain. I have found a free, working, FULL version of a data recovery software that will restore up to 10 GB. UNDELETE. So yearbookies, if u happen to get this, and happen to not have saved anything else on that dive, i will be able to recover everything else.
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:: Tuesday, February 10 ::
raspberryextract: hang on a sex . . .
raspberryextract: whoops. I mean sec.
jman424242: sure u did
raspberryextract: seriously, the x and c are right next to each other.
raspberryextract: it was just a slip of the tongue.
raspberryextract: er, finger.
jman424242: yea, they can tend to slip when hanging on to the sex
raspberryextract: ok, I'm just going to stop talking now, before I say anything else that sounds dirty.
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:: Monday, February 9 ::
jman424242: hey ma, how bout some cookies?
Csrlionott: no dice
jman424242: this...aint over

See, this is what i like. Without any explanation, i just IM freeland and start the simpsons quote i was thinking of, and he immediately responds correctly. Right on the ball. Perfect
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:: Wednesday, February 4 ::
jman424242: i made 55 cents and a button at the math competition
raspberryextract: ha
raspberryextract: . . . how?
jman424242: from a soda machine
raspberryextract: aha
raspberryextract: i thought maybe you were . . . i don't know, whoring yourself out to other math teams
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If were going to put out a petition to the student body to protest the asinine schedule proposed for next year with a floating 80 minute period, we have to have it signed by the honors and AP students who this would most adversly affect by limiting the number and caliber of the courses they will be able to take. We also should include the following irrefutable numbers:

Science classes, currently with one extra 46 minute lab period per every 5 school days, will suffer. There wil be a loss of approximately 103 minutes of science a month due to a lab period of an extra 34 minutes every 7 school days.

Now we have 4 lunch periods of 46 minutes with 2000 students, already very crowded. Next year, with the proposed schedule, we will, with an additional 300 students after taking into account departing seniors and incoming freshmen, have 3 lunches of 25 minutes, with a 10 minute overlap between lunches.

The schedule, because it rotates every seven school days instead of every five, will have a different nonsequential order of periods every day, and it will not stay the same every day of the week. It will be incredibly confusing.

The biggest reason they want this schedule to go through is to eliminate students missing lunch once a week for lab. However, this only usually because a gym class could not be matched up with the lab, and that usually only happens if a student is in an AP class that is limited in the periods that it is held, or in an advanced track that not many people of that grade take and no gym is offered that period for that grade. So the students who miss lunch one day a week are the advanced students, who are taking classes in high school to be educated and prepare themselves for competitive colleges. These students would undoubtedly rather not have their instructional time compensated in order to be ab;le to each lunch one day a week.

In addtion, on a personal note, last year i was disallowd from taking an honors spanish course because it was the same period as my physics lab. Generously, my physics teacher was prepared to let me make up after school two labs a month to take the spanish course, so i would only have to miss two or three days a month of spanish. Initially, i was told this would be acceptable. However, the head of the world language department was reluctant to permit this proposal without authorization from the principal. Dr. Cialfi seemed agreeable to this plan, and i set up a meeting between the department head of science (my physics teacher Mr. Dumais), department head of world language, and the woman who is in charge of scheduling, and the principal to discuss exactly how i would be able to take both classes. However, the entire meeting was just an explanation to myself and Mr. Dumais (who stood up for me the whole time) on exactly why it wouldn't be fair for me to take the class and miss it twice a month because it had honors weighting, disregarding the fact that i only lose credit after 25 absences, and people in sports teams habitually miss last period classes to compete. Dr. Cialfi, whom i thoguht would suuport me, immediately backed downed and decided to not make his own decision, but to support whatever his underlings decided. I was however promised i would be allowed to take AP spanish my senior year. Now, they are not allowing me to do that. Nor are they providing for me the same special considerations they are giving to others in similar circumstances. If this continues, i will transcend my status as a mere student of the school and become a citzen of the town, and submit to the Trumbull Times an article revealing Trumbull High School's administration's lack of support for its brightest students, from not attending or promoting a Shakespearean peformance completely produced, directed, choreographed, and funded by a student run organization (of which the attendees agreed was one of the best student plays they ever saw), to stifling the ambitions of aspiring, education-hungry students by arbitrarily limiting them from what challenging classes they are allowed to take.

Done with the complaint department.

Our math team competed today in our second to last competition, and we snagged first place by scoring 72 points, a full 16 points above second place. With that one competition, we propelled ourselves from 5th place overall to 2nd place overall in fairfield county and a mere 2 points from first place (Greenwhich high). We are usually about 30 points from first. WE ARE SO COOL CAUSE WE ARE IN THE MATH TEAM!!!!!!!!!!. Or as our yearbook quote says, "We do the math good. Gooder than any other school."

Caroline: I'm sorry i stabbed you with a pen, and im sorry i made fun of your masculinity. I forgot how sensitive you are.
Me: I went home and cried last night because of you.
Caroline: I'm sure you cry yourself to sleep every night. I know i have to be nice to you. Why do you think im going out with you?
Me: You mean your only going out with me because you pity me?
Caroline: Of course. I feel i should give you something else to do every night instead of crying.

Me: We ahve to round our answers off to three significant digits.
Jordan: Your mom has three significant digits.
Me: Well i had my three significant digits in your mom last night.

Here is our complilation of fiziks lingo with disses and pick-up lines:

Why dont you come up to my room, and ill increase your normal force.
You're such a rate of change of acceleration with respect to time!
With the size of my moment arm when you lay down at a 90 degree angle to me, you cant even imagine the torque i can produce.
The last time you were in a physical relationship was when you jumped in the air and became a projectile.
Hey baby, why dont you come to my place and we'll engage in some simple harmonic motion. Ive got a long period, a high frequency, and a long amplitude, but im sure youll take care of that with your dampening force.

All of these are completely clean and are 100% physicsly true. If you need an explanation, ask me, josh, jarbs, or jordan.

I have the most incredible and thoughtful girlfriend in the world. I am just so lucky to be with her. I dont know what id do without her.
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